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Namibia Car Hire cc
P.O.Box 1307 Windhoek
61 Bruhn Street 
Windhoek - Namibia
Tel:  ++264-61-255700
Fax: ++264-61-255701
Extract from the General Rental Conditions
  1.  Our rates include: unlimited mileage, value added tax, oil, as well as maintenance.
  2. A valid unendorsed driver's license and passport has to be produced by the driver. (Minimum age of driver 21 years of age)
  3. The rental is payable in advance. All mayor credit cards are accepted.
  4. Rental extensions have to be announced at least 48 hours in advance.
  5. The minimum rental period is three days.
  6. All glass and tire damages including sandblast damages are payable by the renter.
  7. An extra glass / tire insurance is available on request.
  8. Vehicles may only pass the Namibian border if pre-arranged with Namibia Car Hire.
  9. The vehicle is comprehensively insured. However, in the event of an insurance claim arising, the renter is liable for an excess amount. Such excess can be reduced when the rental duration exceeds 7 days with an additional premium. (AEDW). This premium is not refundable.
  10. All vehicles are hired according to a standard rental agreement.
  11. We reserve the right to substitute vehicles, should the reserved vehicle not be available.
  12. Rates are subject to change without prior notice.
  13. Namibia Car Hire cc is not liable for death, injuries, or personal losses and/or damages.
  14. The laws of the Republic of Namibia apply.


  1. A cancellation fee of 20 % of the total rental will be charged  cancelled within 14 days of begin of rental.
  2. A cancellation fee of 50 % of total rental will be charged if reservation is canceled within 7 days or the vehicle is not collected.
  3. Namibia Car Hire cc reserves the right to cost Rental Agreements and charge credit cards within 72 hours of termination.

What about insurance?

Your vehicle is COMPREHENSIVELY insured.
Nevertheless the renter is liable for an excess amount. In Namibia the insurance’s only pay 80 % of the insured value of the rental vehicle in case of a total right-off situation. The remaining 20 % make up the excess amount. All the damages to the rental vehicle up to the excess amount are payable by the renter. All damages to any other vehicle involved in the accident are covered 100 % by our insurances.
The excess applicable is reducible with an extra insurance waiver, the AEDW.
This Additional Excess Damage Waiver can be taken out if the vehicle is hired for duration longer than 7 days. In this case the damages are only payable by the renter up to the reduced excess.
Namibia Car Hire cc also offers an extra insurance, which reduces the excess down to ZERO. This also applies only, if the vehicle is hired for duration longer than 7 days.
Namibia Car Hire cc offers a glass & tire insurance. This insurance covers for the total right off of up to three tires and all glass damages, which have been caused by either sandstorm or stone breakage. The insurance does not cover for the glass damages in case of a break-in into the rental vehicle.

Please note: Our insurances consider any damages to the vehicle as a result of driving through flowing rivers or water pools/ mud pools as gross negligence. The chosen excess is not valid and the full damage is payable by the renter/driver.

If you have any questions please write to us.


Your Namibia Car Hire team


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